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Find out why so many folks choose   Return Organics.  

For starters, they know investing in soil health has a wealth of long-term benefits, like maximizing yields and minimizing the need for expensive and harmful synthetic inputs.  

Licensed &

Holding ourselves accountable to the earth. 

We don't just care about the impact we make on the environment and our communities...  

We promote sustainable practices and take great measures to ensure all of our products improve soil health—from the ones we spread on crops to the ones we sell on shelves. 

We're committed to making a difference. As a certified B Corporation and member of 1% for the Planet, we're held accountable for our actions.


These affiliations ensure that we stay true to our mission to:

"Produce quality, good-for-the-Earth growing supplies
that help grow a healthy soil, food, people, and planet."

Certified B Corp
Member: 1% for the Planet

Spreadin' the good since 2009. 

We grew up on a sustainable farm in Minnesota
and saw first-hand, the importance, impact,
and real-life benefits of soil health. 


And we knew we could help do more.

That's why we're here.  

Adam Brummond,
CEO & Co-Founder, Return

Let’s Talk Soil, Live.

If you wanna talk live soil—supplies, numbers, references, whatever… we’re here for you.

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